Index of exceptions

Header_not_found [Http_types]
an header you were looking for was not found
Http_error [Http_user_agent]

Invalid_HTTP_method [Http_types]
unsupported or invalid HTTP method encountered
Invalid_HTTP_version [Http_types]
unsupported or invalid HTTP version encountered
Invalid_code [Http_types]
invalid HTTP status code integer representation encountered
Invalid_header [Http_types]
invalid header encountered
Invalid_header_name [Http_types]
invalid header name encountered
Invalid_header_value [Http_types]
invalid header value encountered
Invalid_status_line [Http_types]
invalid HTTP status line encountered

Malformed_URL [Http_types]
invalid URL encountered
Malformed_cookies [Http_types]
malformed cookies
Malformed_query [Http_types]
invalid query string encountered
Malformed_query_part [Http_types]
invalid query string part encountered, arguments are parameter name and parameter value
Malformed_request [Http_types]
malformed request received
Malformed_request_URI [Http_types]
invalid request URI encountered
Malformed_response [Http_types]
malformed response received, argument is response's first line

Param_not_found [Http_types]
a parameter you were looking for was not found

Quit [Http_types]
raisable by callbacks to make main daemon quit, this is the only 'clean' way to make start functions return

Unauthorized [Http_types]
raisable by callbacks to force a 401 (unauthorized) HTTP answer.